More EDM

More Education and development through music (MoreEDM) is a charity registered and operating out of Miami Florida as of 2017 to provide alternative funding to music programs struggling from budget cuts.

It was founded by Benjamin (Hero) Mack through due process of a growing cause. It currently generate income for schools in need through crowed funding sources.



Benjamin Mack, better known on social media by his stage name HER0, is a Buffalo New York native musician gone DJ. Accrediting his musical background to early exposure as a child, his parents introduced him to his first instrument at age 6, the saxophone, to which he natural excelled. Playing in bands throughout school, while simultaneously expanding his sense of music from his parents CD rack, and eventually to the vast amount of resources on the internet, he found his heart in house music and later EDM. Shortly after high school he began producing, and logically after DJing. He is a firm believe in giving back, and currently donates all performance proceeds to charity, specifically through his movement MoreEDM which creates a substitute sources of income for schools facing budget cuts to their music programs. 

“I never had much growing up, but I was fortunate enough to have a saxophone. There are kids that literally don't have anything, or access to anything in their home lives. And now their schools are forced to take away even more from them? It doesn't sit right with me. Gandhi once said be the change you want to see. I might not be able to change everything but I can try, and I'm doing it little by little."


Get Involved

It doesn't take a a super hero to get involved. You can help by visiting our social media and staying up to date, making an anonymous donation, or just sharing the word.